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Local Vendors and Services

Madison Area Barn Wedding Vendors and Services

Badger Farms is happy to refer you to local businesses around Madison that have been here for our Barn Weddings and other events in the past.

The following listings do not portend to infer a preference, but simply to provide ideas for potential vendors for your special event, EXCEPT FOR the bartending service.  Badger Farms is proud to be an “open venue”, where your “flavors” are not limited to certain vendors.

Below is a category listing of vendors and services for weddings, meetings and events:

Event Supply Rentals – visit these local companies to rent additional items like Tents, Arches, Centerpieces, Party Games & Inflatables, and more!

Shuttle Services

If you would like an additional listing of vendors and services, please visit the Greater Madison Convention and Visitor Bureau’s website –