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Need a Bartender for your Special Event?

At Badger Farms, if alcohol is to be provided at a function,  we require that a bartender be hired to regulate the consumption during an event. You are permitted to serve, but not sell, alcohol on the premises, therefore, cash bars are not allowed.  Since alcohol is a controlled substance, to help with server continuity and to help limit legal liabilities, event hosts must contract with the bartender to provide server services.

Bucky’s Services, LLC  is an experienced bartending  service that  caters to your every need. They work with you and your budget to make sure your event is a refreshment success, and can even assist in designing signature drinks. Kristine, the owner, will assist with refreshment choices, quantities, hours, etc.  Her company is insured and has served many weddings and events at both Badger Farms and other locations.

Please contact Kristine for more information.
(608) 239-0236