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Barn Wedding Photos and Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour of Badger Farms event venue


Place your mouse in the image below and move around the rooms by clicking a spot on the floor or the directional arrows where you want to go. See if you can find your way from the Barn to the Shop (look for Exit sign on the left as you face the front of the Barn room), and from the Shop to outside. When you come back inside, the Shop is empty… Note that you can make the Virtual Tour fill your screen – click the “View on Google Maps” link in the upper left corner of the image (close that tab when you’re done).  Enjoy!

Envision your Life Event (Weddings, Receptions, Reunions and more) at Badger Farms, just minutes from Madison WI.  Contact us for details and Barn Availability.

Photo Albums – below are some photo albums for Badger Farms.

Inside Barn Pictures:

Outside Pictures:

Ceremony Pictures:

Shop Pictures:

Miscellaneous Reception Pictures:

We’ve also captured some wedding reception videos at the Badger Farms Wedding Barn for you to enjoy!